Welcome to Middle East Geospatial Forum 2016

Since its first ever implementation to offer better, advanced and more organised citizen services a few decades ago, the Middle East has come a long way in terms of the use and applicability of geospatial technology. The last decade has especially been the ‘decade of transformation’ as the rapid advancements in the field saw new applications being developed, which were readily adopted by user organisations in the region in order to make their services smarter and citizen centric. Today, the Middle East region is one of the most advanced users of geospatial technology with most user organisations deploying these technologies at one level of the other.


Theme: Smart Technologies, Smart Cities, Smarter Lives

The world class cities of today are evolving at an extraordinary pace and rapidly transforming themselves into global centres of excellence. These cities aim at bringing together technological innovation, sustainable development and enhanced citizen centric services to create smarter living. A number of cities in the Middle East have adopted a unique approach to transform themselves into smart cities. For example, Dubai’s smart city plans are on par, if not slightly ahead, with some of the best cities on the planet such as London, Barcelona and Singapore. Geospatial technology, with its ability to place information on our fingertips, is a crucial component in the ingredients required to create smarter cities. With its theme as Smart Technologies, Smart Cities, Smarter Lives, the 2016 Middle East Geospatial Forum will talk about the tremendous usage of geospatial technology to create smart cities, smart citizen services and, thus, smarter lives.

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